International Long Distance FAQ (Only available with the 68 minutes plan)

  1. What is SAFELINK ILD?
  2. What does the call go to TRACFONE?
  3. What do I need to use SAFELINK ILD?
  4. How much does SAFELINK ILD cost?
  5. Can I make long distance calls from other cell phones or landlines?
  6. Is there an additional cost for this service?
  7. Do I need a card or a PIN number to make long distance calls using SAFELINK ILD?
  8. Can I dial the international destination number directly or do I need to dial the SAFELINK ILD access number first?
  9. Do I have to provide my credit card?
  10. Does the cost vary based on the international destination?
  11. What happens if the connection fails when I make a call using SAFELINK ILD? Will I be able to retrieve my minutes?
  12. What is the difference between SAFELINK ILD and SAFELINK International Neighbors?
  13. What is the difference between SAFELINK ILD and SAFELINK Frequent Numbers?
  14. Can I make International calls with SAFELINK ILD while I am roaming? What is the additional cost?
  15. Can I receive international calls to my SAFELINK cell phone? How many minutes will be deducted?
  16. What should I dial to make an ILD call from my SAFELINK cell phone?
  17. Should I have a certain minimum amount of minutes on my SAFELINK to dial internationally?
  18. Who can I call if I am having problems with my SAFELINK ILD?
  19. If by mistake I dial the wrong number will I be credited for the call?
  20. Are additional international destinations going to be added?
  21. Can I cancel SAFELINK ILD?
  22. Can I lock my phone so no one else can make ILD calls?
  23. Do I need a special card to use the SAFELINK ILD service?
  24. Is SAFELINK ILD available from any SAFELINK?
  25. What international calls can I make from the United States?